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How to Win Buyers and increase Sales on your eCommerce Website Dubai

When you open your eCommerce business you go through several steps: first, you decide to create an eCommerce Website Dubai, then you choose the best eCommerce solution to create your eCommerce website Dubai, once this is done you work on the design of your eCommerce website perfecting the images of your products and the visual identity of it, and Then to promote your eCommerce website Dubai business you create your profiles on social networks. Phew! Up to now, it seems to be a long work, right? But one more effort is needed! The next step is very important: generate the first sales.

As we already know, at the beginning of an eCommerce website Dubai project you have to have a lot of persistence and patience. To help you get through that stage more easily, we collect some strategies that will help you generate sales in your eCommerce website Dubai.

Pay attention!

Search Engine Marketing

1. Open an account on Google My Business

If you have a physical location, a good idea is to add the address in Google Maps to offer more sales channels to the consumer. Google Maps works as an arm of Google Places, therefore, to include your store in the map of the search engine you must first have created a business account in Google Places (in the following tutorial we explain how to do it).

2. Work on SEO Strategies

At the beginning of a business it may happen that there is not too much budget to invest in marketing, that's why it's a good idea to invest in the SEO of your eCommerce Website Dubai. With free SEO strategies (organic positioning in search engines) you can appear higher in the search results when someone searches for something related to your business. Some of these strategies are to include keywords in your eCommerce website Dubai, use description meta tags on all pages, make images accessible by search engines, among others.

3. Remember the visits that come from Tablets and Smartphones

Having an eCommerce website Dubai adaptable to mobile devices will make your business run with an advantage over the competition as more and more people access eCommerce websites from their cell phones or tablets. Today, 4 out of 10 people consult and compare prices from their mobile devices before buying at offline stores.

Social Networks

4. Expand your customer base with Facebook
1 out of 5 people in the world already have a Facebook account, do you have any doubt that your target audience is somewhere in this social network? To get the first sales, a good place to start is promoting your brand on Facebook. So that your strategy of presence in this social network is as successful as possible.

5. Enter on Pinterest

Pinterest is a very visual social network since it consists of sharing images (similar to Instagram). The big difference of Pinterest with Instagram is that the first one allows you to link the image to an external site, and here lies the great advantage of it: the possibility of generating free traffic to your eCommerce Website Dubai. In general, the public of this social network is people with high purchasing power that tend to enter from mobile devices. Creating an account in Pinterest is simple, they are only 3 simple steps.

6. Communicate your brand in 140 characters

Twitter is still one of the most used and useful social networks to dynamically dialogue with your customers. Nowadays the consumer accesses the sites for a short time, between task and task, while waiting for something, at a traffic light, etc. For this reason, offering content in 140 characters is a strategy that will definitely attract the attention of several.

Paid Ads

7 Start with ads on Facebook

There are different types of ads that you can perform on Facebook. Depending on the objective you have in mind you can promote your page to get more 'likes', promote a particular publication, a product, etc. If you have a budget to invest in marketing, we definitely recommend investing in ads within the largest social network of all.

8. Create campaigns in Google Ads

Ads by Google Ads will allow you to be present when your customers are searching for you on search engines. When you define a bid and set up keywords for your ads, you will compete to appear among the paid results when a person searches for something related to your business. The best? You will only pay when they click on your ads!

9. Advertise on Instagram

If you already created your account on Instagram, you may know what Instagram is. Instagram is the most used social networking app in Dubai. The operation is very similar to that of Google Ads.

Content Marketing

10. Create a business blog
Getting clients is a task that can be addressed from several sides. One technique is to interest them through content related to their interests and preferences. Creating quality content on your blog and social networks will make your audience feel identified and want to know more about your brand. In addition, many times you can convince the consumer to buy you by explaining or showing you how your product and its features work. Having a blog is a way to communicate with your customers in a different way and spending relatively little (or nothing).

11. Send Email Marketing

The marketing strategy via email is still one of the most profitable today. Just create a good database and segment it well by lists to send personalized messages to each segment and get the user interested. Communicate your new releases, news and offers through this channel and thus increase your sales.

12. Incursion in original formats

The consumer of today is accustomed to multiple screens and exposed to thousands of daily stimuli. Capturing your attention is not as simple as we think. For this reason, a good strategy is to be original in the way to approach them. Did you try creating videos or infographics of your products? How about the most recent social networks like Snapchat or Instagram? Your target audience has a particular profile and frequents certain places, it is up to you to identify it well and address it in the best possible way.

Traditional Marketing Strategies

13. Print flyers
If you identify that your target or target audience frequents certain physical places, print pamphlets with information about your business to distribute. When doing that, do not forget to highlight the web address of your eCommerce website Dubai. A good strategy is to offer an exclusive discount or promotion next to the URL of your store to encourage consumption in that channel. Needless to say, that if you have a physical store you can deliver the pamphlets there or inform that they can also buy you online.

14. Use discount coupons

Using discount coupons is a great way to attract new customers and retain existing ones. As we mentioned in the previous point, if you have a physical store you can use it to promote your eCommerce website Dubai. Provide discount coupons in your eCommerce website that apply for your eCommerce website Dubai. You can offer different types of discounts, depending on the objectives of your business, for example, discount by percentage, discount by quantity, free shipping, etc.

15. Get involved as a sponsor in industry events

If you have a budget, a good idea may be to make a presence at events where your target is present. You can offer merchandising of your business, be present stamping your logo on the staff shirts, offering bags with your logo to keep the material that is delivered at the event, among other strategies. Always remember to include the URL of your eCommerce website Dubai so that those interested can enter later.


Throughout this article we tell you about various strategies so you can generate sales in your eCommerce website Dubai. It will depend on your business and particular situation which ones will serve you the most. The most important thing is not to lose the patience and persistence to move forward and achieve the goal sooner or later. With these strategies that we tell you, it sure is sooner than later!

Thursday, March 7, 2019


We are at the start of the year and it is now possible to make an assessment of all the advances that have occurred in 2020 in terms of website design services Dubai. It is the perfect moment for web design agency Dubai to begin to visualize and implement the new strategies that will succeed in website design services Dubai in 2021.

One of the great revolutions that are approaching in website design services Dubai in 2019. These are web pages that behave like applications. They do not need installation and their functionalities increase as the capabilities of the device on which they run also increase. A whole new world that is about to be discovered by web design agency Dubai.

This type of website design services improves usability and user experience thanks to the reduction of the loading speed. This is achieved by developing a structure where the web is loaded in stages, from the simplest to the most complex.

An example would be Pinterest, It is a modular structure that allows adapting very well to any device.


A responsive website is one that is programmed to adapt to the different screen sizes of computers, tablets, mobile phones... The new trend is to develop a website for each type of device, creating a native experience in each one of them.

Many companies are leaving behind the tendency to dump all the content on the homepage and are focusing on creating landing pages that turn visitors into customers.

It is beginning to talk a lot about micro-interactions on the website. Are the small changes that occur when a user performs an action on an element. For example, a change in the image when the mouse passes over or movements that are activated when scrolling.

Experts warn: the icon of the three horizontal lines is disappearing. This is due to the difficulty in the usability and interaction on the web they produce. It is better to opt for tabs with the title of the section.


The content is the king and will continue to be in 2018. After the saturation of texts and texts for years simply focused on positioning and without any quality, Google has hit the table. If you want to succeed on the internet, you must offer your users quality information. Not only in the content but also in the form.

Illustrations and own infographics: Interactive, minimalist and clean designs will triumph. Using bright colors, geometric shapes, and personalized buttons.

No one doubts the importance of video and image in the digital communication of companies. And it keeps increasing, as long as we control the load times.


This year has seen a boom in everything "vintage" and communication was not going to be different. They take the letters with an old and different style. Although the classic circular fonts and Sans Serif are still among the preferred. Another new trend is to combine texts or titles horizontally and vertically to attract the attention of users.

Communication on the Internet is advancing by leaps and bounds and sometimes it is difficult to keep up. That is why web design agency Dubai is keeping abreast of trends and adapt to what users demand.

If you want to be up-to-date with the news of the sector and reach the people you want, keep coming back to this blog. We will advise you on the most beneficial digital strategies for your business.

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